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Reading: Is French Administrative Justice a Problem-Solving Justice?


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Is French Administrative Justice a Problem-Solving Justice?


Caroline Expert-Foulquier

Université de Limoges
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France has a culture of problem-solving justice that is particularly evident in the field of criminal justice. The question may arise however, whether this is also the case in the field of administrative justice, which has a specific purpose directing it to verify whether the decisions of public administrations are legal and to quash them when they are not. The article investigates how the intervention of the French legislator and administrative case law have gradually developed legal tools and practices aimed at solving problems. Many of these tools and practices concern the implementation of alternatives to judgments that allow the parties to find an amicable solution, often with the help of the administrative judges. Yet there are also many tools that allow the judges to solve the problems through their court decisions. The article presents an analysis of the characteristics of French administrative justice as a problem-solving justice and questions the limits of this approach and its future evolution.
How to Cite: Expert-Foulquier, C., 2019. Is French Administrative Justice a Problem-Solving Justice?. Utrecht Law Review, 14(3), pp.40–51. DOI:
Published on 29 Jan 2019.
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