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Reading: Effective Adjudication through Administrative Appeals in Slovenia


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Effective Adjudication through Administrative Appeals in Slovenia


Polona Kovač

Faculty of Administration, University of Ljubljana, Gosarjeva 5, Ljubljana, SI
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The administrative relations of individuals towards the authority are the framework for balancing public and private legal interests in contemporary societies. Especially when there is a dispute, the system promotes the effective adjudication of contradictory legal interests in order to prove that the authority functions as a good administration. Namely, effective adjudication through administrative appeals can be the primary tool for resolving conflicts as quickly as possible but with full respect for the rule of law and the division of power as key principles of central European legal systems. The article addresses theoretical, normative, and empirical issues of Slovene public administration and administrative justice in order to establish the scope of effective conflict resolution by internal administrative appeal that is mandatory before court action can be taken. By using several research methods, it can be concluded that Slovenia has developed appeal procedures as a sufficient form of adjudication. Nevertheless, appeals could be further improved to ensure good governance in practice.

How to Cite: Kovač, P., 2013. Effective Adjudication through Administrative Appeals in Slovenia. Utrecht Law Review, 9(3), pp.39–50. DOI:
Published on 12 Jul 2013.
Peer Reviewed


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