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Volume 10, Issue 4, November 2014

Special Issue:
Procedural Justice: Reflections on Legal Practices

Table of Contents

On the Role of Perceived Procedural Justice in Citizens' Reactions to Government Decisions and the Handling of Conflicts Abstract PDF
Kees van den Bos, Lynn van der Velden, E. Allan Lind 1-26
Towards a More Responsive Judge: Challenges and Opportunities Abstract PDF
Machteld W. de Hoon, Suzan Verberk 27-40
What Is It All About? An Overview of the Dutch Research and a Plea for Change Abstract PDF
Rick J. Verschoof 41-55
Procedural Justice in Dutch Administrative Court Proceedings Abstract PDF
André Verburg, Ben Schueler 56-72
Dutch ‘ZSM Settlements’ in the Face of Procedural Justice:
The Sooner the Better?
Abstract PDF
Pauline Jacobs, Petra van Kampen 73-85
The (Political) Pursuit of Victim Voice:
(Comparative) Observations on the Dutch Draft on the Adviesrecht
Abstract PDF
Renée Kool, Georgianna Verhage 86-99
Procedural Justice for ‘Weaker Parties’ in Cross-Border Litigation under the EU Regulatory Scheme Abstract PDF
Vesna Lazić 100-117
Neutrality as an Element of Perceived Justice in Prison:
Consistency versus Individualization
Abstract PDF
Miranda Boone, Mieke Kox 118-130
Procedural Justice Seen to Be Done:
The Judiciary’s Press Guidelines in the Light of Publicity and Procedural Justice
Abstract PDF
Leonie van Lent 131-146

Student Papers

The Relationship between Role Conception, Judicial Behaviour and Perceived Procedural Justice: Some Explorative Remarks in the Context of Dutch Post-Defence Hearings Abstract PDF
Hilke A.M. Grootelaar, Tjalling A. Waterbolk, Jakoline Winkels 147-161

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