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Workshop 'Disillusions and Accomplishments: How Transitional Justice Changes Societies’

30-31 July 2015, Utrecht University, Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM)  
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Volume 11, Issue 2, June 2015

Table of Contents

Self-Defence as a Circumstance Precluding the Wrongfulness of the Use of Force Abstract PDF
Cliff Farhang 1-18
Empirical Legal Research: The Gap between Facts and Values and Legal Academic Training Abstract PDF
Frans L. Leeuw 19-33
Integrating the Disciplines of Law and Biology: Dealing with Clashing Paradigms Abstract PDF
Hendrik Gommer 34-48
Exit, Voice, and Loyalty within the Judiciary:
Judges’ Responses to New Managerialism in the Netherlands
Abstract PDF
Nina L. Holvast, Nienke Doornbos 49-63
Democratic Input Legitimacy of IRAs: Proposing an Assessment Framework Abstract PDF
Miroslava Scholten 64-77
Reasons of Control and Trust:
Grounding the Public Need for Transparency in the European Union
Abstract PDF
Vigjilenca Abazi, Eljalill Tauschinsky 78-90
Human Dignity and the Rule of Law Abstract PDF
Stephen Riley 91-105

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