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Workshop 'Disillusions and Accomplishments: How Transitional Justice Changes Societies’

30-31 July 2015, Utrecht University, Netherlands Institute of Human Rights (SIM)  
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Volume 11, Issue 1, January 2015

Table of Contents

The Use and Incorporation of Extralegal Insights in Legal Reasoning Abstract PDF
Ivo Giesen 1-18
Probability Arguments in Criminal Law - Illustrated by the Case of Lucia de Berk Abstract PDF
Herman Philipse 19-32
Habitat Restoration on Private Lands in the United States and the EU:
Moving from Contestation to Collaboration?
Abstract PDF
Hendrik Schoukens 33-60
Crimmigration at the Internal Borders of Europe?
Examining the Schengen Governance Package
Abstract PDF
Maartje A.H. van der Woude, Patrick van Berlo 61-79
The Right and the Good in Aeschylus’ Oresteia and Yael Farber’s Molora:
Transitional Justice between Deontology and Teleology
Abstract PDF
Lukas van den Berge, Christiaan Caspers 80-98

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