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Volume 10, Issue 5, December 2014

Special Issue:
Regulation and Enforcement in the EU: Regimes, Strategies and Styles

Table of Contents

Regulation and Enforcement in the EU: Regimes, Strategies and Styles
Madeleine de Cock Buning, Annetje Ottow, John Vervaele 1-8

Part I: Shared Private-Public Regulatory and Enforcement Regimes

Towards a Future-Proof Framework for the Protection of Minors in European Audiovisual Media Abstract PDF
Madeleine de Cock Buning 9-30
Compliance Programmes in Competition Law:
Improving the Approach of Competition Authorities
Abstract PDF
Eva Lachnit 31-50
The Multiplicity of Regulatory Responses to Remedy the Gender Imbalance on Company Boards Abstract PDF
Linda Senden 51-66

Part II: Shared National-European Regulatory and Enforcement Regimes

Shared Regulatory Regimes through the Lens of Subsidiarity:
Towards a Substantive Approach
Abstract PDF
Anoeska Buijze 67-79
Institutional Design of Enforcement in the EU: The Case of Financial Markets Abstract PDF
Miroslava Scholten, Annetje Ottow 80-91
Shifts in Competences between Member States and the EU in the New Supervisory System for Credit Institutions and their Consequences for Judicial Protection Abstract PDF
Laura Wissink, Ton Duijkersloot, Rob Widdershoven 92-115
On the Enforceability of EU Agencies’ Soft Law at the National Level:
The Case of the European Securities and Markets Authority
Abstract PDF
Marloes van Rijsbergen 116-131
European Agencies for Criminal Justice and Shared Enforcement
(Eurojust and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office)
Abstract PDF
Michiel Luchtman, John Vervaele 132-150
Designing Supervision under the Preventive Anti-Money Laundering Policy in the European Union Abstract PDF
Melissa van den Broek 151-167
The Institutionalised and Non-Institutionalised Exemptions from EU Public Procurement Law: Towards a More Coherent Approach? Abstract PDF
Willem A. Janssen 168-186

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