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Volume 10, Issue 3, June 2014

Special Issue: 'Liability, Responsibility and Accountability: Crossing Borders'

Table of Contents

Liability, Responsibility and Accountability: Crossing Borders
Ivo Giesen, François G.H. Kristen 1-13
(Crime) Victims’ Compensation: The Emergence of Convergence Abstract PDF
Renée S.B. Kool 14-26
Crime Victims’ Experiences with Seeking Compensation: A Qualitative Exploration Abstract PDF
Marnix R. Hebly, Josanne D.M. van Dongen, Siewert D. Lindenbergh 27-36
Corporate Criminal Liability for Corruption Offences and the Due Diligence Defence: A Comparison of the Dutch and English Legal Frameworks Abstract PDF
Bram Meyer, Tessa van Roomen, Eelke Sikkema 37-54
Let’s Think Twice before We Revise!
‘Égalité’ as the Foundation of Liability for Lawful Public Sector Acts
Abstract PDF
Esther Engelhard, Berthy van den Broek, Ferry de Jong, Anne Keirse, Evelien de Kezel 55-76
Public Interest Litigation in the Netherlands
A Multidimensional Take on the Promotion of Environmental Interests by Private Parties through the Courts
Abstract PDF
Berthy van den Broek, Liesbeth Enneking 77-90
Damages in Wrongful Death Cases in the Light of European Human Rights Law: Towards a Rights-Based Approach to the Law of Damages Abstract PDF
Rianka Rijnhout, Jessy M. Emaus 91-106

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